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Many people run online marketing; receive so many personal messages until they don’t have enough hands to reply. They run FB Ads; non stop incoming messages but at last their sales drop because too many customers that they can’t manage to entertain all of them.

Plus, nowadays the cost keeps increasing but qualitative leads are still low. Other competitors out there spend a huge amount for advertisement. But we only have low budgeted expenses for the same purpose. How can we survive then?

Here are the situations an entrepreneur usually has to deal with..

Don’t worry! Let me share with you my experience in dealing with business matters using the Chatbot!

I’m sure you will gain a lot of benefit and help you to manage your sales activities in an easier and smoother way!

Who Am I?

Okay before I proceed further, let me introduce myself first.

My name is Ubaidullah Jaafar and I am the founder of Mastery Success Sdn. Bhd where I sell digital products and online classes in my website. At the same time, I also provide digital marketing services for SME entrepreneurs in Malaysia.

I started to involve in Digital Marketing since 2016 with just selling digital products at that time. But luckily I managed to reach almost 50K sales!

My Secrets Of Achieving RM 245,118.00 Sales Automatically In Less Than 9 Months..

Personally, below photo is the proof to show that I’m not just talking nonsense. I’m a full time online marketer, a well-known underground digital specialist. I started to use Chatbot since 2016 and I’ve done many tests with it, some of them worked while some were not.

At last, 2018 has become the history when I met a proven formula! Still being used until today, it managed to help me to achieve the total sales of RM250K in less than 9 months! Take a look at the latest photo below.

So how is it? Shocking isn’t it? This is what happened when I run Messenger Ads. When people click the photo, messages goes automatically into the inbox, Chatbot then entertains all the messages, requesting for their phone numbers, then the phone numbers will directly keep to Excel…Until today!

I manage to get leads from the messenger ads is 50 to 100 messages a day, in average, and around 1000 messages, where the Chatbot has entertained on behalf. It makes my job very much easier. One more thing, Chatbot keeps all the messages from those who has once send message and save them as a database. Just imagine, there would be thousands of data with the details.

I can follow up at anytime anywhere. There’s one page that already have 4.9K database. How am I going to follow up? It’s easy. I can broadcast to thousands of people with just one click. This is the power of Real Database which you need to be upsell 30-40K before you can get to learn.

With 1 Click, Sales Increase Like Water Flowing!!

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As far as I run the messenger ads, immediately there will be thousands of incoming messages. Chatbot helps me to reply all of them. So what do I do? I just wait for the payment to be in my account!

If we want to entertain all 100 to 200 customers one by one, then pass them to the sales team, it would be a real chaos. Luckily, we have Chatbot with us.

The Chatbot do the auto tagging and store phone number, email and related information. All the hundreds of customer details have been stored in Excel. We can use them to create ultra targeting later.

We don’t have to look at the messenger inbox anymore. All leads have been automatically passed to the sales team through Telegram.

Who Should Have The Chatbot?


WARNING : This product is not for those who want to be rich in a blink, not for those who just want to sleep while waiting for the money to be in their account, and not for those who are already expert in automation marketing.

This package is ESPECIALLY for those who want to gain a RARE knowledge which is hardly be found in Malaysian market and for those who want to build up their business potential and cut off their cost.

Special Module Of Chatbot..Complete And Compact!!

Flexible Learning Time

You can learn at anytime when you’re free


Very easy learning through step-by-step tutorial. From basic to advance

Modul In Bahasa

A high quality complete module in Bahasa Melayu that is clear and easy to understand

Chatbot Full Setup

You will learn on how to set up the Chatbot from the very beginning until 100% complete and ready to use

Auto Marketing

You will learn on how to set up the auto reply, auto broadcast and auto follow up of your customers

Auto Database

You will learn on how to gain and store all customer details automatically

value customers users viewer

Additional Value

Additional value in marketing, theoretical, technical and much more

Continuous Support

We will continuously guide and support you regarding any technical issues


17 Marketing Strategy & Set Up Tutorial Video in Bahasa Melayu

This is our best collection. Actually there plenty more, but this is the best for you. We have arranged it so it can be easily understood.

What you will learn?

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This is among the step by step practical module. Just follow the module and it is guaranteed you can apply it 100%. Easy to understand and applicable for newbies.

You Have Your Own Sales Team?

For those who have your own sales team, we have an EXTRA for you where each leads that is successfully been processed by the Chatbot will get notification and customer details directly being linked into telegram channel. Check out this video:

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Easy, right? You don’t have to open your Facebook and Messenger anymore while the sales team just need to wait for the incoming leads in Telegram.

OK! How Much is the Module?

Before this module is constructed, we already have the proven results and we have applied them for services where the value is 16K for cosmetic brand, umrah, digital product and etc.

You can survey on how much it costs to setup facebook ads and how much is the Chatbot. Below is the cheapest standard quotation in the market. This client has spent RM 2K a day just for ads.

This is the proven result of our client who has been using Messenger Ads and Chatbot just by following this module. Don’t need any testimony anymore, here I bring you directly to the result.

Actually, there are many more clients we have handled with such a high charges; minimum RM 1K. If they have bigger budget, we would most probably charged them RM 3K to RM 5.5K just to run the ads and Chatbot only.

Things You Can Do On Your Own, Why Need To Hire?

I really want to learn exactly like in the video and quotation. I do really want to learn this value worth 2-3K. Can’t hold it anymore, I should grab it now!

Honestly, this knowledge is worth more than RM 1K as you can’t find this knowledge in any technical seminar! With this latest technique setup, the STANDARD price we should offer is

Normal Price RM1997

Normal Promotion RM490

But…we have a crazy discount if you grab it NOW!

Special offer only for the First 80 People who make their payment TODAY!


Just RM250 Only!

*this price will increase as soon as the quota is exceeded

Hey Wait…

BONUS 01 : Module of High Impact Video Content. Learn how to edit videos as easy as drag and drop. If you want to hire other people to do it for you, usually it may cost you RM 300-RM500.

BONUS 02 : Lifetime web membership access worth RM1490 as shown below.

BONUS 03 : Editable and reusable template of Chatbot. This is the integration part from Chatbot to Excel and Supply Leads to Sales Team automatically. This blueprint service for the client worth RM 2500.

If people with well established business know about it, definitely they will grab it even if the module costs RM 2000. No wonder when we offered RM 490 for this module, in a blink it has been SOLD OUT.

But now, we offer you this HOT SELLING module with only RM 250 plus the bonus. LIMITED TIME!

Still thinking?

Well, you can survey all the upsell seminars out there. Even they don’t teach you this module, it would most probably cost you RM 10K!


RM 150 (Save RM949)
  • Setup Chatbot
  • Group Support


RM 250 (Save RM1747)
  • 17 Tutorial Videos
  • Marketing Strategy & Setup
  • Video Ads Setup
  • Chatbot Setup
  • Auto Database Setup
  • Telegram Leads
  • Group Support

This offer is LIMITED and will end in a few days!


You Have Any Questions?

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